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Here Are Some Rare Diseases in the World

Strange but True. Maybe that's the impression that comes to your mind after hearing about a rare disease. Besides having unique symptoms, rare diseases are sometimes fatal and cannot be treated. Come on, recognize some of the rare diseases in the world with the following unique symptoms! Rare diseases are diseases that rarely occur or have a very small number of sufferers. A study states that there are at least more than 7,000 rare diseases suffered by 8-10 percent of the world's population. This means, there are about 500 million people in this world who suffer from this rare disease. Several Types of Rare Diseases that Hear Foreign Of the many rare diseases in the world, here are some of them: 1. Progeria Progeria is one of the rare diseases that can occur in children. This disease makes the child's body age rapidly. That is due to abnormal genetic changes in the child's body. But unfortunately, it is not yet known exactly what triggers these genetic changes.
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Precise Steps to Heal Broken Bones

Handling the right hand fracture will help the recovery process and prevent complications. Therefore, let's get to know some of the first aid steps for broken hand bones and the steps for healing through the exposure below. Hand bone fractures can occur in any bone in the hand, including small bones in the finger joints, up to the long bones in the hand. Broken bones of the hand can be caused due to the impact or hard impact on the hand. For example, due to falling from a height, traffic accident, or injury when exercising. First Aid for Broken Bones If you or someone else around you has a broken hand, then there are a number of first aid steps you can take, among them. If there are open sores, stop the bleeding by pressing the wound using a clean cloth or gauze. Do not try to straighten out the area of ​​the hand that is suspected of breaking and limit movement as much as possible. If possible, immediately remove jewelry or accessories in the hand, such as bracelets or ri

Weighing the Risk of Breast Implants

The existence of breasts is one of the features of a woman's body. Unfortunately, as we get older, often these body parts are no longer as beautiful as before. This condition makes some women do breast implants to improve their appearance. But what is the risk of actual breast implants? In general, there are two reasons why breast implant surgery is performed, namely the reasons for reconstruction and cosmetics. Breast reconstruction is usually done after removal of the breast due to an illness, such as breast cancer. While breast implants for cosmetic reasons, generally aims to improve the appearance, through breast enlargement or tightening. Types of Implants and Potential Complications Caused Specifically, there are two types of breast augmentation with silicone mounting methods to choose from, namely silicone implants and injectable silicone. The difference between the two is in the form of the material that is inserted and how to put the material in. The material used in